Seminars in Engineering Risk Analysis & Probabilistic Modelling

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held on Wednesdays, 13.30 - 14.30,
in Room N3620, Building N6 (corner of Arcisstr. and Theresienstr.)

The seminars are open to all members of TUM and the interested public.

A list of past seminars can be found here.

Upcoming seminars

October 24 Hugo Rosero
(ERA group)
From Natural Hazards to Lifeline Systems: An Overview on Uncertainties
November 12 Dr. Mauricio Monsalve
(CIGIDEN, Chile)
Reducing disaster risk through data driven research
November 14 Prof. Daniel Straub
(ERA group)
Decision-theoretic sensitivity analysis
November 21 Prof. Luyi Li
(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Research & life in Germany
December 12 Prof. George Stefanou
(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Stochastic finite elements based on mesoscale random fields of material properties
December 19 Max Ehre
(ERA group)
Information reuse in multi-uncertainty reliability analysis
January 9 Sebastian Geyer
(ERA group)
Probabilistic modeling and the Eurocode: A look behind the Eurocode design and into the probability theory included in the code
January 16 Elizabeth Bismut
(ERA group)
Learning. Validation. Verification
January 16 Jorge Mendoza
(NTNU Trondheim)
Integrated risk-based design approach for large infrastructures.
January 23 Christian Dörfler
Zuverlässigkeitsanalysen für Sensor-Systeme zur Anwendung von hochautomatisierten Fahrfunktionen
January 30 Dr. Iason Papaioannou
(ERA group)
Global reliability sensitivity analysis and the FORM alpha factors
February 6 Antonis Kamariotis
Mixed aleatory-epistemic uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis