Seminars in Engineering Risk Analysis & Probabilistic Modelling

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held on Wednesdays, 13.30 - 14.30,
in Room N3620, Building N6 (corner of Arcisstr. and Theresienstr.)

The seminars are open to all members of TUM and the interested public.

A list of past seminars can be found here.

Upcoming seminars

October 13 (Friday 14:00) Dr. Johan Spross
(KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Toward a Reliability Framework for the Observational Method in Geotechnical Engineering
October 25 Elizabeth Bismut
(ERA group)
Reliability of deteriorating structures
November 8 Sebastian Geyer
(ERA group)
Estimation of corrosion probabilities of reinforced concrete surfaces with spatial modeling and Bayesian updating
November 15 Max Ehre
(ERA group)
Low-rank tensor approximations for reliability estimation
November 29 Max Teichgräber
(ERA group)
The effect of traffic load model assumptions on the reliability of road bridges
December 13 Mario Berk
(ERA group)
Inference of latent variable models: An application to sensor information reliability estimation without reference truth
December 20 Dr. Luyi Li
(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Multivariate sensitivity analysis for dynamic models with both random and random process inputs
January 10 Beatrice Dittes
(ERA group)
Long-term planning for flood protection infrastructure in an uncertain climate
January 17 Wolfgang Betz
(ERA group)
Monte Carlo simulation: A Bayesian perspective
January 24 Kilian Zwirglmaier
(ERA group)
Reliability analysis using hybrid Bayesian networks
February 8 Felipe Uribe
(ERA group)
Estimation of the lower and upper bounds on the probability of failure using random sets and dependence modeling